NEWS & TOPICS  2017-9-8

2018年1月、ヤマザキマザック製 同時5軸マシニングセンタを導入致します!



加工能力:φ500 mm * 350mm

主軸回転速度:18000 min-1

A軸移動量:150 °

C軸移動量:360 °






 NEWS & TOPICS  2016/3/7

CNC3次元測定機 導入しました!


Mitutoyo CRYSTA-Apex S574



最小表示量 0.0001mm




 (2016年2月16日 導入)






We have introduced CNC 3D measuring instrument!

Mitutoyo CRYSTA-Apex S574

Measurement method: Contact type

Measurement range:x500*y700*z400

Minimum display amount:0.0001mm

Measurement accuracy: 0.0017 mm


Contour shape evaluation is possible with 3D mode option.It also has a motorized probe head that can automatically control the probe attitude and can automatically measure side and slope.



(Introduced on February 16, 2016)

画像測定機 導入しました!

Mitutoyo Quick Scope








(2016年3月7日 導入)

We introduced image measuring machine!

Mitutoyo Quick Scope

Measurement method:CCD color camera 

Measurement range:x300*y170*z150

Minimum display amount:0.0025mm

Measurement accuracy:180*


This machine can be support measurement when the stylus of the 3D measuring instrument can not enter to small parts.(depth can also be measured here).


(Introduced on March 7, 2016)



   「 町工場は、日本が世界へ飛躍するための原動力 」



 「 丸モノ角モノの切削、研削を全て内製し、試作開発のワンストップ化を目指します」

 精密治工具製作・機械部品製作・ 機械設計・ 組立・多品種少量生産から中ロット生産まで対応します。技術的に困難な一品物のようなモノでも、 ”少数精鋭”だからこそニーズにお応えできます。


 「 ぺーパーレスでスピード対応 」




 「 低コスト・高品質 」

最新のCAD/CAMを使用し、難解形状の製品を高品質・高精度に加工いたします。また量産品も、無人運転できる多数個取りのツールパスを作成し、納期短縮・低コスト化を可能にしています。 刃物成形機を使い、旋削ツールやエンドミルを製作しています。寸法がシビアな加工品も、この特殊ツールを使う事により、高品質な安定生産が可能となります。

   "Japan have the driving force of jump up Japanese economy to the world, that is small factories in a town."

          Japan have one of strong point is manufacturing. but manufacturings is standing under hard circumstance in the world,

           since  price war , developing country's technology is progress, and  IT. All factor makes competition harder.We concentrated to progress production method and technology day by day for running difficult situation.


           "All of our works is made in a our works."

         Precision Jig Tool Production · Machine Part Production · Machine Design · Assembly · We support various kinds from small quantity production to middle lot production.

         Even things like technically difficult items, we can meet the needs because We are "a few elite".


          "Speed correspondence on paperless"

          You can order paperlessly by submitting 3D data from WEB mail etc.

         The format supports IGES · STEP etc., all kinds.

         Of course, in addition to ordering on paper drawing, 3D model creation is also available.


           "Low cost and high quality"

             We use CAD / CAM equipped with state-of-the-art technology to process

             hard-to-shape shaped products with high quality and high accuracy.

         In addition, mass-produced goods can be created with multiple toolpaths that can run unattended, enabling shortening of delivery times and lower costs.

            We use blade forming machine to produce turning tool and end mill.

          By using this special tool also for processed products with severe dimensions, high quality and stable production is possible.

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